Thank you for the 5th HTPD meeting

The 5th international conference devoted to high-throughput process development (HTPD) and smart PD, has ended. During four intensive days, November 4-7, 2019 in Porto, Portugal, a wide range of topics related to process development of biotherapeutics were discussed. The organization committee would like to thank all participants for yet another successful HTPD event.


The HTPD conference series is the key international forum for the presentation and discussion of topics relevant to high-throughput process development and other approaches to smart PD for biopharmaceuticals. In November 2019, we continued the conference series in Porto, Portugal, yet another beautiful city listed on the UNESCO list as a world heritage site.

The goal of this scientific conference has not changed since the first meeting in 2010: to provide a leading forum for discussion and exchange of ideas surrounding the challenges and benefits of employing high-throughput techniques in the development of production processes for biological products. 

A key part of HTPD 2019 was to highlight some developing trends from industry leaders. One example of this was provided with the commencement keynote lecture from Professor Steven Cramer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) entitled “In Silico Facilitated Downstream Process Development

HTPD 2019 also provided external perspectives on the challenges and solutions of handling large data sets with a focus lecture delivered by Professor Jan Bjaalie, University of Oslo (Norway) and Operations Director and leader of the Neuroinformatics Platform of the EU Human Brain Project. His talk was entitled “Organizing and managing heterogenous and big data from the brain: Human Brain Project brain atlas infrastructure

GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Sweden, is the principal sponsor of the High-throughput Process Development conference series, with the active involvement of industry and academia experts, ensuring this conference provides an excellent opportunity to discuss and influence the future of high-throughput process development methods in our industry. 

The Organizing Committee would like to thank all session chairs for their efforts in putting together great sessions, the presenters for their contributions, and all of the participants for making this a truly valuable and enjoyable event. We look forward continuing with the meeting series and hope to welcome you back in 2021.

Mats Gruvegard                                       Jennifer Pollard                  Aaron Noyes

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